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Our work with MATs comprises of two main areas: (1) developing leadership people-skills [leaders at all levels]; and (2) consultancy to implement CHANGE.


(1) We deliver training to make people skills even better in areas such as: communication, motivating others, team coaching and team building, having tough conversations, leading change, prioritising and delegating.

(2) Culture and context are hugely significant elements of successful CHANGE as these effect how people solve problems relating to both external adaption and internal organisation.

Implementing any significant change, including integrating schools with their own existing culture into a MAT with a different culture can be extremely difficult, and attempting to change anything can provoke anxiety. The longer people have worked together and the more they have learned how to do things together previously, the harder it becomes to change an existing culture.

To have the maximum chance of succeeding our consultancy takes into consideration the history – what kind of learning has taken place with staff previously, in what timescale and under what kind of leadership.

Rather than simply focussing on developing internal systems, our consultancy integrates strategy along with culture, as ultimately groups exist to get something done!

(Culture can be understood to operate at three levels: (i) visible (ceremonies, language, dress, office space, climate, the way meetings are conducted, degrees of formality, interactions, hierarchy, communication, signage, car parking etc…); (ii) Espoused beliefs/ values and norms; and (iii) deeper assumptions).

"I and my colleagues have been to too many training sessions where the ideas are good but not practical in the real world. Although rooted in theory, this leadership training was very pragmatic. My middle and senior leaders are now in a better position to carry out their leadership roles effectively as a result of this input."

Ian McNeilly, Chief Executive, The de Ferrers Trust

"This has proved to be a valuable training opportunity in so many ways. The trainer was mindful of the varying needs of the group and was determined to ensure all had a positive and rewarding experience. The approach was collaborative and the training well structured so that everyone had the opportunity to participate. Contributions were valued and the trainer was very skilled in adopting the material according to needs arising. Everyone was encouraged to have 3 or 4 "takeaways". I certainly did and I know that one of my colleagues went straight from the training into a pre-scheduled "difficult conversation", which ensured a positive outcome. The trainer is entertaining and empathetic and I would recommend him as a good trainer who really cares and is committed to making a difference."

Mrs V Sharples, Principal, The Pingle Academy, UK